Volunteer Programs Bali is an international organization that integrates itself into Balinese communities to empower the local people and create sustainable education. These days there are many organizations worldwide where you can volunteer, under the so called volunteerism hype. But we feel that we are different than most of these organizations, and that we are actually unique in the way we work, the way we help and the way we receive volunteers. But what is it exactly that makes us so different, what makes us so unique?

Our main goal is to respect the Balinese culture and traditions that make this island so beautiful whilst simultaneously providing resources and teaching skills needed for a successful future.
At Volunteer Programs Bali, we have a bigger picture in mind and provide much more than just free after-school English classes. We give opportunities to not only our students, but to members of the communities who need it the most.

The VP Bali family consists of helpers, local staff and volunteers from around the world who are working together to inspire, empower and grow toward a better future for not only our students, but the communities they grow up in.

Why are we different?
Mainly because we are a transparent organization that focuses on the needs of each individual and gives all of our profits back to the areas we reside in.

We want not only our students, but the extended community to reach their highest potential and we do this by respecting their culture, supporting job employment, assisting villages, giving regular donations to temples and identifying areas of most concerns or needed improvements, education, awareness etc.

We are not here to put forward a solution from our home countries, but to work and grow with the local people and to create the best possible outcome for them within their environment whilst maintaining their culture and traditions.

At VP Bali, we partner with individuals who will continue our sustainable ideas in education to enrich the lives of those around them.

Our main priority is to create and maintain strength within local communities where people can acquire skills to be successful in the world that we live in today. In order to achieve our goals, we identify what is lacking within a community and focus on these areas.

Volunteer Programs Bali is invested in teaching English (free of charge) through creative learning, supporting local employment, respecting Balinese culture and traditions and facilitating events and workshops to create awareness. Additionally, we give our International volunteers an opportunity to interact with the locals, to teach us something about their own culture and most importantly, to learn and grow with us.

At VP Bali, we aim to leave a positive mark within the community in a variety of ways.

We understand and respect the Balinese culture and therefore have achieved a learning environment that is creative, effective and constantly expanding.

We take notice of what’s missing and host workshops that spark awareness and educate locals towards a better quality of life. We provide a safe but familiar environment that the Balinese can trust to increase their potential and build their confidence.

Teaching free afternoon classes is just a small aspect of what we do at VP Bali. As it’s an extra class for all students, we learn together by doing, through play and in a visual way. In a personal learning environment, we focus on the strengths of our students and keep them engaged by giving one-on-one attention and only using positive reinforcement.

Volunteer Programs Bali has built a high level of respect among the communities we work in. Our founder Kimberley participates in ceremonies, visits temples of schools and villages and gives donations on a regular basis. A portion of our budget goes towards cultural and traditional activities and every decision we make is based on and sensitive to our surroundings. When helping in Balinese communities our mission is to minimize the negative footprint and instead teach sustainable ideas that can continue into the future.

To ensure a high level of respect and understanding from the beginning, we share a code of conduct with our volunteers that explains the cultural differences and what to expect in detail.

Giving back through employment. VP Bali empowers individuals, families and communities by teaching and supporting those who need it the most. We target those who speak little to no English and those without other specific skills and therefore have fallen out of the tourism industry.

We employ local drivers to provide a free pick up service for our students that increases their English level and their confidence! We also support local homestays within our area which we use for our volunteer accommodation. When our main homestay is full, we spread to another family who is in need. We are moving to new villages every few years to educate and integrate individuals back into the “real world” so they can support their families.

We feel that we are unique in our way of working, our way of hosting international volunteers and the way we teach. Want to learn more about why we teach? Click here.