Volunteering in Bali with Volunteer Programs Bali can start from a duration of 2 weeks. The average stay of our volunteers is between 4 and 6 weeks, but it can start at 2 weeks and the maximum stay is 12 weeks. Whether you are doing a 2-week placement or a 12-week placement, it is always too short, time always flies by super-fast and it is never time to go home.

Thursday’s at Volunteer Programs Bali are all about farewells. Every week we are saying goodbye to our lovely and hardworking volunteers. It is always a hard moment to farewell the people that have done so much for the community and children of Bali. Each and every one of them, whether they were volunteering for 2 weeks or 3 months, have a special place in our hearts and will always be part of the VP Bali family.

When volunteering at Volunteer Programs Bali it is guaranteed that you build a close relationship with your students. Teaching them English every day and having so much fun with them creates a beautiful and unforgettable experience for both the volunteers and the children. Thus is it always hard to say goodbye.

Not only the students get attached to our volunteers, this counts as well for the local staff of Volunteer Programs Bali. As the local staff is present in the schools every day and working closely together with the volunteers, they as well build a very special relationship. The local staff has an important role in the schools by helping the volunteers in their classes, translating games and exercises for them and also helping them with lesson materials. You can imagine that is also very hard on our staff to say goodbye at the end of the volunteer’s placement.

And then we didn’t even talk about saying goodbye to your fellow volunteers! Beautiful friendships are being made during the volunteer placement and these moments of farewell are hard for everyone.

It is very important for VP Bali to show our gratitude and thank our volunteers for their efforts and hard work. We want to show them how much we appreciate their time and ideas in teaching English to the Balinese children and help them grow in a safe learning environment.

Every Thursday it is time to farewell the volunteers that are leaving this week. It is their last day at the school and most of the volunteers are leaving Ubud or Bali the day after. The team of VP Bali really likes to create a farewell party to never forget. Together with the students we think of fun and unique ways to show the volunteers how much we are going to miss them.

The farewell ceremonies are set up in a way that it is an unforgettable afternoon for our leaving volunteers. First our amazing students are performing their dances. They practice during the week at our cultural program and on Thursday it is finally the time for them to show their skills and to perform. They dance either Balinese traditional dance or modern dances. It is always amazing to see what they can and how much the kids enjoy to perform.

After the performances it is time for our volunteers to receive their certificate. One by one they are being called to the front by our local staff. They receive the certificate, a very big hug and a beautiful necklace of flowers and even more hugs from the kids. Once everyone who leaves that week got their certificate, it is time for all the kids to say their goodbyes. This goes with a lot of hugs, and some tears as it is not easy to say goodbye to each other after spending such amazing time together.

After the farewell ceremony it is time to go back to class. But sometimes it doesn’t finish there.
A lot of our female students love to give the volunteers some extra flowers on their last day and make little notes. Some of our older students like to make some music and sing a song for them in class.

But our local staff also has fun ways to say goodbye! During the week the team starts brainstorming on how to make an unforgettable farewell. Dances are practiced at the founder’s house in the evenings and with a lot of imagination and creativity our team members are being transformed in Balinese dancers and comic figures. Sometimes the volunteers or students don’t even recognize the staff members when they do their act at the school.
Unfortunately we don’t have time for this every week but when we do, it is memorable!

Having so much fun together makes the sad moments of farewell a very special and loving memory that the volunteers hopefully never forget.  We at VP Bali are always so thankful for all the volunteers that are a part of the VP Bali family, we couldn’t do it without you!

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