There are many ways to help and support the programs of Volunteer Programs Bali. The most common way is of course volunteering with us. Every month we welcome an average of 20 volunteers into our programs who all give their time and effort to teach and support the children of Bali. Without these volunteers, our programs can’t run and we are super grateful for all their help.
But what a lot of people don’t know is that there are more ways to contribute towards our programs. If you don’t have the time to volunteer for a certain amount of time, there are other ways in which you can still make a difference in the lives of the children of Bali, without having to commit to a volunteer placement.
We hope to expand volunteer opportunities outside of teaching English, so that diverse and passionate niche individuals from all over the world can encourage community growth through teaching life skills and valuable trades. Through this project, we aim to encourage continued learning of local traditions and create a full-circle community of learning where all involved can grow together.

1. Contribute in the field

Besides our volunteer positions for teaching English, we also welcome contributors in our organization. We do this so that diverse and passionate niche individuals from all over the world can encourage community growth through teaching life skills and valuable trades. We are inviting passionate and skilled people who have the same mission as us: changing lives! By sharing your skills with us, you are not only a part of our growth, you will also have an experience that not many others will ever have. By contributing your skills and/or knowledge to our organization, you get to be part of our local family. You will feel and experience the ins and outs of VP Bali and you will get to know the Balinese culture in a way no tourist ever would.

2. Contribute on remote

Can I contribute to VP Bali by doing something working from home base! Yes, you can.
All you need is a stable internet connection and some spare free time. Contributors are the lifeblood of VP Bali. As a non-profit organization we got started by individuals and groups of people who contributing their time and skills. At VP Bali we work with contributors from all around the world to increase the value, mission and vision of VP Bali.
Our contributors are individuals or companies/organization who contribute their specific skill or specialty to VP Bali. By contributing their skills on a voluntary base, they support and help VP Bali in the development and growth. A motivated contributor can make a tremendous difference to VP Bali impact on its community. Contributors can designate their support to VP Bali and our students in a variety of ways. Whether it is a one-time contribution or contributing for a longer period of time, every effort helps us to achieve our goals and to continue our mission.

3. Become an ambassador

Volunteer Programs Bali is committed to welcoming people involved in supporting our work around the world. If you are passionate about seeing the lives of Balinese children and communities grow and develop, then becoming a VP Bali Ambassador is a great way to help make a difference! A VP Bali ambassador represent the organization on a voluntary basis with the purpose of raising awareness about and funds for the work we undertake. An ambassador will help to create meaningful relationships and partnerships, promote the work of Volunteer Programs Bali and raise much needed funds for VP Bali’s programs and activities. Our ambassadors are individuals or organizations who play a vital role in order to accomplish the VP Bali vision, mission, goals and programs in Bali, Indonesia. They are also very important members of our community in spreading and sharing our story, our vision and mission and creating awareness of our work. They find meaning in life by helping other people to reach their goals and aspire to be part of a growing and inspiring organization like Volunteer Programs Bali. The VP Bali ambassadors core-mission is to promote our education and community self-development plans.

4. Organize a fundraiser

You don’t have time to come volunteering with us in Bali but you are really eager to support Volunteer Programs Bali and want to be part of our mission? There are endless ways to support our programs. Have a look at ways how you can raise funds to make a difference and be part of our mission!
Whether it’s an athletic challenge, a special occasion, a social media campaign or your own unique creation, you can make a big difference in a child’s life…and have a great time doing it.
How does it work? We invite individuals, companies, schools and other organizations to support our programs by organizing a fundraiser.
This can be in any form, in any way and at any location you wish.