Volunteering with Volunteer Programs Bali means that you will help the children of Bali, while immersing yourself into the true Bali life.
That is why our volunteer  accommodation is in a so called ‘homestay’. A homestay is a bed & breakfast which is located in the compound of a Balinese family. This means that you stay in a room separate from the main house, but you stay in their home­, their compound. It is a truly unique experience to stay so close to a Balinese family, you will see and experience the daily activities and join the ceremonies.

When we started Volunteer Programs Bali we had to find a suitable place for our volunteers to stay at. We wanted to give the volunteers the real Bali experience by staying with a Balinese family and at the same time we wanted to support the local community by creating job opportunities.

There are many homestays and hotels in Ubud, most of them runned by foreigners or wealthy Balinese. The mission of VP Bali is to help those families in the community that are struggling with their financial situation. In our search we met Wayan. Wayan has a small local homestay in the centre of Ubud, but unfortunately no guests. The rooms were old and not well maintained and there were no facilities such as Wifi or hot water. Wayan used to be the leader of the community and therefore a well respected man. When we met him we were intrigued by his friendly character and his dream to create a homely and nice atmosphere for foreigners in his home. By giving him the chance to host our volunteers in his home, we create job opportunities for him and his family. We helped renovating the rooms, installed single beds in each room, made sure there was hot water and wifi and worked with Wayan to make the homestay a nice and comfortable place to stay for our volunteers.

As all volunteers arrive at Denpasar airport, Wayan and his family also arrange the transportation from the airport, as well as the daily transportation for the volunteers to the school. Through this way, not only Wayan but also his son, who often drives, can work and make money.

Volunteers are feeling very welcomed at Wayan’s house and feel that they are part of the family. Of course, living with a Balinese family means that you will follow their daily routine. It means an early rise and many activities all day long, from the women making the offerings, the children playing around and the company of the chickens and the birds. It is a great way to learn about Balinese life and to see and experience first hand how the Balinese live their daily lives.

Our volunteer accommodation is located in central Ubud, close to the market and the Ubud Palace. Although close to the buzzing center of Ubud, this homestay is a very quiet place with the atmosphere of a genuine Balinese family compound. Four generations of this lovely Balinese family share their home site with our volunteers.