If you are following us on Social Media, you have probably seen a new account of Volunteer Programs Forever. We have been getting a lot of questions of who that is, whether it is a new program, what the difference is between VP Bali and VP Forever and where it is located.

We will explain it all to you and answer all your questions in this new blog post.

Volunteer Programs Forever is a private foundation with international projects and is founded by Kimberley Vanderheyden. Coming from a business and travel background, she decided to change her way of life and to give back to people who need it the most. She is a passionate advocate on the powerful effects of giving to others and the positive outcomes on both the individual and their community as a whole. It is her mission to create educational opportunities for local communities and to enable them to develop powerful future generations. The foundation does this with full respect and understanding for local cultural heritage and traditions.

At Volunteer Programs Forever, we believe that education need not be linear. Rather than one-size fits all, we understand that each culture must take their own distinct steps towards success, in line with the local traditions and way of life that make communities uniquely their own. We believe that education does not always have to take place in a classroom, as learning trades, problem solving skills and developing personal passions all contribute to the overall wealth and wellbeing of communities. Education in all forms, we believe is the greatest form of empowerment and opportunity.

Volunteer Programs Forever is supporting its pilot project located in Bali, Indonesia. As being it the pilot project, this project has been fully operated by the founder of VP Forever itself, Kimberley Vanderheyden.
This is where Volunteer Programs Bali was born.

VP Bali was set up as a pilot project by the founder of VP Forever; Kimberley Vanderheyden. Because VP Forever believes that programs must be tailor-made and in line with local cultural heritage and traditions, Kimberley has put all her time and energy into the pilot project. What are the core values ​​that keep the community together? What keeps members of the community and their companies from using their full potential? Kimberley has gathered the answers to these questions and many other questions and implemented them in the project. In this way she has been able to ensure that this project can be an example for future projects of VP Forever. After almost 7 years of VP Bali, VP Forever can proudly say that it has achieved several goals. Developing sustainable methods of education through English classes, creating job guarantees for local staff and working together with local partners and communities is high on VP Forever’s agenda.

The goal of Volunteer Programs Forever and its priority is to sustain the pilot project; Volunteer Programs Bali. In order to expand, grow and develop this project further, more sustainable funds are needed to secure local jobs, program activities and community support.

Besides that, VP Forever is looking to expand to other locations with new projects. By implementing the same methods of working and gaining information from local recourses we will be able to support more communities to reach their fullest potential.

Until now we haven’t really focused on the visibility of VP Forever. This is mainly because we have been too busy focusing on VP Bali and it has been our priority to support and build VP Bali in a way that is in line with the vision and mission of VP Bali.

We do all our marketing and social media in house, and we have been starting to put VP Forever more on the map, online and offline.

It would be great if you would like to support us, follow us on our Facebook and Instagram page and spread the word and our mission! We are working on a new website which will be launched soon and we will share this with all of you once it is up!