Volunteering at Volunteer Programs Bali means living in Ubud! Ubud has a lot to offer and is famous for its great food. Wondering where our volunteers love to eat? And you are looking for trusted dinner places and new taste sensations? Here is an updated list of our to 5 favorite eating spots!

  1. Skinni Pizza – Pizza by the pool

Definitely a favorite for our volunteers and staff. Located close to the volunteer accommodation makes it a great spot to walk to for a quick swim and a pizza, or for a full day of pool hangings and lovely food! This restaurant is open all day so it’s great for either breakfast, lunch or dinner. At night you can enjoy live music as well!
Skinni Pizza has a big pool with sun beds and cozy cushions around it as well as dining tables. Our volunteers love to go here, especially for the farewell breakfasts or dinners, as it a perfect spot to hang out together and enjoy the sun, the food and the water.
It is also a perfect place for those Instagram pictures, being it all pink with flowers and cozy corners for good pictures! See you at the pool?

  1. Milk & Madu – Best breakfast in town

Located next to the Ubud Palace is this super hip and fancy restaurant called Milk & Madu. Being very popular in Canggu amongst expats, locals and travelers, they tried their luck in our town as well. And we can’t be any happier for this amazing venue to be in Ubud!
Milk & Madu opens early, so if you are an early bird, you can enjoy your breakfast from 8 AM onwards. Arguably the best coffee in town for those lattes and cappuccino’s to go or to have with a smoothie bowl, AMAZING eggs benedicts (seriously the best on the Island!) or French toast.
The café is buzzling and busy all day, breakfast goes into brunch and brunch into lunch. Their lunch menu is amazing too with burgers, sandwiches and of course their famous eggs. Evenings are also a perfect moment to head over to Milk & Madu as they have delicious pizza’s, fresh from the oven! Live music on some nights makes it a lovely and romantic dinner place as well.
Our volunteers love to go here as it is a short stroll from the homestay and it caters to everyone’s wishes.

  1. Lacacita – Mexcian lovers!

We all LOVE Mexican food, don’t we? And as Ubudians we are pretty lucky for having many Mexican restaurants around town. But this newcomer is definitely our new favorite! Just on the other side of the main road, this restaurant is probably the closest one to the volunteer accommodation. Their menu is very extensive with lots of options, for both meat lovers as for vegetarians. And we are talking about REAL Mexican food. We have lots of Mexican volunteers in our program and they can all agree that this food really tastes like home. The atmosphere is very cozy and homey, making it a great dinner place for our farewell dinners. And after a nice meal we are always in for one (or some more) shots of real Mexican tequila!

  1. Melting Pot – Sport café with Karaoke!

This restaurant is actually opposite of our number 1, Skinni Pizza. The Melting Pot is not a newbie in Ubud, it has been running and being very popular for over a decade. Being famous for its sport vibe, this restaurant has large pool tables and television screens, where they broadcast all important international sports games. The food is quite average but good, think burgers, nasi goreng or a club sandwich. Now you probably think, why is this on your list? Well… there is a hidden surprise at this venue, upstairs there is an actual Karaoke Room! And that’s the only one in Ubud! Karaoke is always fun right? Well our volunteers love it as well, there is a large range of songs to choose from, drinks can be ordered from the restaurant downstairs and let the fun begin! Whenever we are in the mood for a not so average farewell dinner, we come here and we have evenings to never forget!

  1. Hippie Fish – Seafood Heaven

The last venue on our list is also the newest addition to Ubud’s culinary options. And while we have so many options to go to already, this one has quickly become one of our favorite spots to go! Located on the main road in Ubud, being very close to the volunteer accommodation as well as being in the center of the hustling and bustling Ubud market.
Hippie Fish brings the Mediterranean cuisine to Ubud, and that’s something we haven’t seen often yet around. On the menu, Hippie Fish offers an ocean of flavours, a combination of village vibe of Ubud with the delicious taste from the sea, which will easily allure seafood lovers. It will also be extended with an exploration of ingredients to meet a loving relationship between wine and food. Sounds like the perfect recipe for an amazing evening right?!