This week was a very special week for us at Volunteer Programs Bali and especially for our local staff member Tutik. It was her graduation week! A week full of formalities, events, photo shoots and dances. A moment like this deserves every festivity you can think of, because Tutik can now call herself officially an English Teacher. Wow, what a moment!

Tutik started at VP Bali as a student in one of our programs. She came daily to our free English afternoon classes, whilst going to normal school in the morning. She then became one of our local helpers, meaning she still studied English in our program but also helped us with small tasks in and around the school. From local helper she became part time staff and member of our VP Bali family.
Going to University in the morning and working with us in the afternoons, Tutik never stops working and learning! She is one of those persons that is always so eager to learn and to work hard to achieve her goals!

Coming from an economically struggling family, it was not possible to continue her university without help from VP Bali. Therefor VP Bali has been giving a scholarship to Tutik for the 4 years she had to study at university. This scholarship made it possible for Tutik to continue without her family being stressed over money.

And she continued to grow… having a very important role in her family means she gets up at 4 AM every morning to go to the market to sell goods for her mother. After that she went straight to University until lunch time, rushing back to Ubud and straight to VP Bali. Often working evenings as well but never one word of complaint. She just keeps going!

And this week all her hard work finally paid off. Graduation Day was there! A day where Tutik and her family celebrated the end of a chapter. Where we celebrate together on Tutik’s bright future. And where a new chapter starts… From Monday 1st October Tutik will start working full time at VP Bali. Even though she has job offers from many well-known schools all around Bali, she has decided to stay at VP Bali and to grow even more within the organization. And we can call ourselves very lucky for having such super star in our team!

Once again, congratulations Tutik. We at the VP Bali Family are all so very proud of you of all you have achieved. And we look forward to many more adventures and challenges together at VP Bali!