Amongst our volunteers, we always see a mix of different types of travelers. While many of them make the trip to Bali just to volunteer, we often host travelers who are making a stop during long-term travel. For backpackers that are on the road for extended periods of time, stopping in Bali to volunteer and give back can add an entire other dimension to your travels!

As a long-term backpacker, it’s easy to experience sensory overload zooming from city to city. Especially for those who pack their trips into shorter periods of time, seeing everything at such a fast pace means surface level interaction with locals, usually through tours and major tourist attractions. While this allows backpackers the chance to cross a lot of their list, there’s an aspect of getting to know the local culture missing from their trip.

One benefit of including volunteering into your itinerary is giving yourself the opportunity to rest. To breathe in your surroundings fully and wholeheartedly, let your body collect and recover from the night buses and flight connections. The days that have been flying by begin to slow, allowing time for reflection, balance, and grounding. Your mind and body can finally have space to breathe with a sense of routine again. What better place to rejuvenate than our peaceful community of Ubud?

More importantly, stopping to volunteer allows backpackers to travel deeper. Looking beyond rice paddy tours and island hopping, giving your time to our kids and supporting our mission creates a purposeful and meaningful dimension of your trip. Our close community ties mean that our volunteers get to know members of Balinese communities on a personal level – to hear their stories, learn about their traditions, and understand the important values of their culture.

Particularly on Bali, much of the beauty of our island lies in the details. Between the smallest aspects of offerings, to the hand movements of Balinese dance – everything in Balinese culture is done intently with purpose. It is only the people of this beautiful culture who can truly explain the intricate details of their traditions.

So for those planning a long-term travel, we invite you to spend a little bit longer here in Bali with us. To join our mission of inspiring and empowering Balinese communities, and to travel a little deeper than you would as just a tourist.