At VP Bali, we believe in education as the greatest form of opportunity. Through our after school English classes, we want our kids to understand that education doesn’t need to just mean advancing to the next level or passing a vocabulary test. Through what we like to call “The VP Bali Way: Education Through Play”, the fun and creative learning techniques in our classrooms are designed to empower and inspire our students every day!

As compared to that of the west, Indonesia’s public school curriculum is very basic, and focuses on benchmarks and passing exams to help students get to the next level. The curriculum does not focus as much on life skills and personal development, such as learning how to solve problems and multi-task. We believe these missing pieces are crucial to helping Balinese youth reach their fullest potential.

Our vision of education as a journey, not an end goal, is seen through the fun creative learning techniques we use in our classes. Dancing, song, games, and small competitions are just some of the playful ways we keep our students attentive and coming back every day to learn! While repetition of subjects make may take more time, learning through play encourages the students to bring home what they gain from the classroom. We ask our volunteers to really let their guard down, so that when our kids see them having fun – they feel more empowered to let their unique personalities shine and build confidence.

We also keep things interesting outside of the classroom with activities such as weekly cleanups, monthly recycling events, cultural exchanges, “Student of the Month” awards, and guest workshops! We want our classes to be something students look forward to every day, knowing that they gain much more than new vocabulary.

Through creative learning, our students learn the benefits of education past simply moving up to the next benchmark. By stepping outside of the box, they can expand their boundaries to open up opportunities for personal and eventually professional development. We believe that when students grow with this attitude of education, it keeps them empowered to continue learning even when a time comes that they can no longer afford school and must work to help their families. To help our older students with those hard decisions, we provide VP Bali scholarships to help our most dedicated students pay for their public school.

Looking forward, we hope that the individuals we are working with at VP Bali are inspired by an open and fun attitude towards education, and will continue to spread our message through their communities long after they leave our classroom.
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