One of our favorite moments of the month at Volunteer Programs Bali are our monthly ‘Student of the Month awards’.
It is a special moment where we reward our eager and motivated students for all their hard work and efforts in our English classes.

The Student of the Month awards are designed for our younger students, who are still in elementary school. As they don’t qualify yet for our scholarship program, we created another way for VP Bali to rewards and motivate them.
During the month we keep track of the absence records of our students by filling in the absence list on a daily base. We do this for several reasons. Most importantly for us to know how many students are coming daily to the classes but also to see which students are attending every day and which ones are not.

For the students that attend for more than 75% of the time the Student of the Month awards are extra fun. It means they receive an educational gift and a certificate!

It is very motivating for them to work towards these events. By joining the program every day, they learn so much and receiving a cool gift and an official certificate is super rewarding.

For our international volunteers it is also a highlight of the month. During the Student of the Month awards they are the ones that get to hand out the gifts and certificates to their students.
It is a really nice moment for them to reward their students, to praise them for their hard work and to have some quality time together.

Another fun thing that happens during these monthly events are the exchange of the point reward cards
of the students.
Each student has their own point reward card. On this card they can collect points. Points are given only by our founder Kimberley and kids can receive points for joining extra events such as clean up events, joining cultural exchange, performing during the farewell ceremonies and by showing good and exceptional behavior.
Also the certificates they receive for Student of the Month can be exchanged into points.

Every month during the Student of the Month, the kids can exchange their points into gifts. They don’t have to, so if they prefer to keep saving up points they are welcome to. The more points they have, the bigger gifts they can exchange it to.

You can imagine how thrilled and excited our kids are every month!

All educational gifts and gifts for the point reward cards are being donated to our organization. As we are such a small and local organization, we don’t have any budget for this and therefore we are extra thankful and grateful for amazing donators who help us and enable us to organize these monthly events.

If you are interested to support us as well, please have a look at our donate page.