One of the things that makes Volunteer Programs Bali unique is that we are a very small and local organization. Compared to bigger companies who offer volunteerism, it is our mission to keep our organization small and local. One of the reasons this is very important to us is that we can offer our volunteers a truly Balinese experience.

We welcome volunteers from all over the world, and the past few years we have happily welcomed volunteers from many different countries. From Europe, Australia, USA and South America, but also volunteers from the Middle East, Asia, Africa and China.

We love to meet all these wonderful people, each of them bringing their own culture to the program. For our English classes it is definitely a plus that we are able to have all these different volunteers, as they all bring their own way of speaking English. This enhances the creativity and teaches our children to learn English with many different accents and way of speaking. Instead of just learning from native speakers, they can now learn to understand English spoken by non-native speakers. As Bali is mainly depending on tourism and many of our students dream to work in tourism as well, this skill can surely come in handy.

As we said it is our goal to offer our volunteers a truly Balinese experience. They live with a local Balinese family, they have a weekly cultural exchange where they learn all about Balinese life skills, and when there is a Balinese ceremony we offer our volunteers the opportunity to attend.

But for us at Volunteer Programs Bali it is all about sharing. Sharing skills, learning from each other and sharing experiences. This also means that our volunteers love to share their culture with our local staff and our children.

They do this through many ways. First and foremost, they do so during their classes. By implementing creative learning into the curriculum, they add their own cultural ways of teaching such as games, learning about places in the world, about family or daily life.
Sometimes they even learn their students a bit of their own language, such as Spanish or Dutch. Especially the older students love it to learn more about other languages and cultures.

On special holidays, our volunteers also try to teach their students about this. Holidays like Halloween, Christmas or Easter are normally not celebrated in Bali due to the majority of the island being Hindu. But at Volunteer Programs Bali we do celebrate it. Making Easter Eggs, Christmas crafts or dressing up at Halloween, our kids really like to celebrate these days and learn all about it.

By sharing and combining all cultures together, our kids are learning so much more about the world outside Bali. About different holidays, religions and traditions, and also about the way of life overseas. For our volunteers it is always super fun to share their culture with the kids, and of course to celebrate their own holidays or traditions here in Bali as well.