Volunteering with Volunteer Programs Bali can be done in many ways. We have talked before about different ways to help and support our organization. One of these ways is to contribute towards Volunteer Programs Bali through skills or resources. Today we are proudly telling you about a very special story where a local company contributed towards the development and safety of our organization.

In May 2018 we moved the program to a new school. As it is the vision and mission of Volunteer Programs Bali to help as many communities as we can, we often move schools into new areas to support and empower the local community. When we started in the new building, it was in very bad shape. The roof in every classroom was leaking, which was actually so bad that when it would rain heavily there would be a small pool of water in each class what would made it impossible to use it and teach in there. Also was there was no electricity or fans in the classes. This was hard to deal with as we often use speakers or other devices to learn together with the kids through music, but there was no access to electricity. Also there were no lights at all and not much light coming in the classrooms as the windows aren’t big. You can imagine how hard it is to teach in a very dark classroom. Overall the building was very badly maintained, the paint on the walls were never corrected or redone, the ceiling had holes in it and the windows didn’t have glass in it anymore.

We wanted to do something about this for a while, but as we are totally relying on gifts and donations and having no budget at all for this kind of renovation costs, we couldn’t do anything about it.

This year 2019 we are supported by local company to renovate the building. We got in contact with this amazing local construction company and they have offered us to contribute their resources to renovate the school building. As they are a local company, their aim is also to help local organizations who are supporting the local communities. When they heard about the harsh conditions we had to teach in, they offered to help us. It is very important to us that our students can learn and develop in a safe learning environment, and they shares this opinion with us and wanted to help us achieve this goal.

Soon after the renovation started. First they started with the roof. The whole roof is being replaced, which gave us interesting insights on how the Balinese work on roofs (read throwing roof tiles one by one to one person who sits on top of the roof!).

After the roof the workers moved inside the classrooms and all ceilings are being replaced and fixed. The walls are all painted which makes the classrooms look as new!

Last but not least are all classrooms provided with electricity and ceiling fans. On the hot Bali days our kids can now get some refreshing air through the fans and on dark rainy season days we can use light in the classrooms!

We only have one word for all of this… WOW! We are so thankful and grateful for getting to know companies like these who are sharing the same values, the same vision and mission as us and are willing to support us to achieve our goals. It is because of contributors like this that we can continue our work and follow our mission in being able to create a safe learning environment for our children.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
We are forever grateful.
Terima kasih, Matur Suksema.

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