School holidays are starting soon! Can you believe how fast the year 2019 passed by? Do you have any plans for the upcoming holidays? It is that time of the year already, going towards the end of the year, preparing for Christmas and New Years and preparing for school holidays.

At Volunteer Programs Bali, we don’t follow all the national holidays. If we would do that, we would have to close our program quite often as there are lots of Indonesian school holidays. Also, because we are not a regular school, we are a free afternoon program which is not mandatory for the children to join. So the children can decide for themselves whether they want to join the classes.
Secondly, as we work with international volunteers, we can’t close the school on each holiday, as it would mean that the volunteers don’t have any children to teach on those days. And that’s of course the reason they come here for, so we don’t want to disappoint them!

So as we run our programs all year long, our staff hardly gets any holidays. There is also no break for our students except for the weekends.
This made us decide that we do have to take some days off. For all of us to recharge. And to get in line as good as possible with the Indonesian school holidays, we take this break at the end of the year. So the last week of December and the first week of January are OFF.

This means we won’t welcome any new volunteers during this period, our local staff does not have to come in for work and our kids get a real holiday!

The last weeks before the break we have already accepted less volunteers as we wanted to go slowly into the break and do some extra activities such as a fun creative week, recycling events and for our older students we have organized some workshops about career choices and self-development with one of our contributors. In that way the transition into the break goes easily and smooth.

Same goes for the first week of January. We start slowly with a small amount of volunteer to slowly build up the program again. We are going to make some changes in our system and administration so this gives us the time and space to do so accordingly. Through the first weeks of January we are slowly accepting more volunteers again and by February we will be all up and running.

Stay tuned on our blog for more info about our plans for 2020!

However, even though we are closing our program for two weeks, behind the scenes our team still works. Actually we can get a lot of work done that we can’t during the year due to the school program. We work on Marketing strategies, planning, program and curriculum and other administration work that we didn’t get to during the year. Even though we still work, it feels a bit like a holiday as we can work on our own pace, we can go on a short work holiday and we can also take some time to relax and recharge.

That all being said, we are now closing the doors of the classrooms and are starting our well-deserved break. So to all our friends, community members, contributors and students, we will see you back again in the new year!

For now, enjoy your holiday, wherever you are in the world, and we look forward seeing you back in January.
And to all our volunteers, we can’t wait to welcome you again in 2020! We wish you all happy holidays!