Recycling in Bali? Cleaning up the area at the school of Volunteer Programs Bali? Yes, we all do that!
A clean and healthy environment is very important for Volunteer Programs Bali. We believe children have the right to learn, develop and grow in a safe and healthy environment, and unfortunately this is not always the case in Bali.
Environmental issues in Indonesia are getting bigger due to a big plastic program and as well as lack of knowledge on the impact of plastic in the environment. Especially in rainy season, plastic can be found everywhere on the side of the streets in Bali.

Besides the environmental aspect, we at Volunteer Programs Bali are also very much involved in our local community. We do this through many ways, like supporting and attending local ceremonies and events, but also by helping the community to keep their environment clean. As our school is located in a local village, we think it is very important that our organization, together with the village, takes care of its surroundings, to protect the nature and to keep the environment clean from plastic and other trash.

At Volunteer Programs Bali, we’re always striving to spread this “go green” and community spirit to the children of our program and also our volunteers. Therefore, we regularly organize clean up events in our schools.

Last September our volunteers themselves came with the initiative and ideas to do something about recycling and cleaning up the area. Our volunteers noticed the plastic problem in Bali and the fact that, unfortunately, this is also visible in the area of our school. They also realized that cleaning up the area only won’t help on the long term. Yes, indeed the area would be clean and plastic-free, but that would only last for a short while. Some of our international volunteers came up with the idea to dedicate a whole week to this issue. A week full of clean ups, workshops, creative activities and informative classes, all within the topic of recycling, a clean and green environment, climate change and more of the like.

We are always very happy with these kind of initiatives from our volunteers. The fact that they are not only here to teach English, but want to be involved with other community and environmental issues as well is something we are very grateful of.

During this week in September 2019, we spent the whole week working with the volunteers to address these issues. Every day, the first 15 minutes of the class, have been spent on cleaning up the area. Each class collects the trash as a group and gathered it together. At the end of the week we checked with class collected the most trash and these students received extra points on their point reward cards.

After the daily clean up, all the volunteers in each class organized small workshops for their students. In some classes they learned songs about the environment, in some classes they watched videos or slide shows about the impact of trash in the oceans, some classes learned about the climate change, about single use plastic, about reduce, reuse and recycle and much more.

All these topics are address in a fun and creative way so it is easy for our students to understand as well as fun for them to learn about it.

We hope by doing these kind of events regularly we can create more awareness about these serious issues and we can help our community by keeping their area clean!

For more information about our community work, read here.