Bali is very famous for its traditional arts. One of them is Balinese dance. Dances are used at certain ceremonies in the temple, during weddings but also for entertainment, whether it is with tourism purposes or for the local community.

Children in Bali get the opportunity from a very young age to learn Balinese dance as well. Almost every child of above 8 years old is able to do the basics of a traditional Balinese dance. But of course, as in every culture, not every child has the talent or the motivation to become better. Some of them are more artistic and get into drawing, some into singing or some into sports.

At Volunteer Programs Bali we try to motivate and stimulate those kids who do like to become better dancers. We help them to expand their skill, to grow their self-confidence and to be comfortable on the stage. Now you might think, what has this to do with learning English or with a volunteer program? We will explain you how this is exactly what the mission of VP Bali is all about.

Our main goal when starting this program is to help our students to reach their fullest potential. Yes, our main activity is learning English, but not only English as a language. Through the knowledge of English the kids gain, they will be able to work in tourism when they are older. But thanks to our creative learning methods, the kids will learn much more than just that. They learn about teamwork, about competitions, they learn how to make conversations and to be confident to talk in the front of others.

Besides just learning English, we always look for other ways to help our Balinese kids to reach their fullest potential. And for some this can mean their skills and talents in Balinese dancing. For those who do have the motivation and eagerness to learn more about this, we offer them the opportunity to learn. Our local staff and helpers will help them gain more skills and teach them more different styles of dances. They practice almost daily together, before class starts.

But it doesn’t stop there. We also want to give our students the opportunity to show and share their skills, and to perform.

Every week we have volunteers leaving the program. And during their farewell ceremony, different kind of performances are given. Some kids do modern dance, and some will perform Balinese dance. It is the perfect combination as our volunteers really love to see these traditional dances, and it is a great way for our students to practice, to become more confident on the stage and to expand their dancing skills.

Some students dance in groups, whilst others perform all by themselves. Sometimes they make mistakes, but it only helps them to become better and better. And it makes us very proud to hear that some of our students are being asked by their local village or temple to perform there as well in front of the whole village!

This is what it is all about for us. To help our students to follow their dreams, to expand their skills and to give them opportunities for the future!