Our local helpers

For VP Bali it is very important to share and to always be there for our staff members and local community.

This year we were able to welcome a few new helpers in our team. Since we are growing as an organization with more children, meaning more classes, there is more work to do in the school. Our helpers are very eager and motivated to help when ever needed, and they learn a lot while they are doing it.

And most importantly, they have a lot of fun with each other as a team. Their ability to work as a team, to share tasks, to delegate and to be flexible is growing very fast.

At Volunteer Programs Bali we put high value on community to provide free English classes and other activities for children in Bali. We try to encourage, not only the children to come to our classes, but also the parents and community to understand the importance of education. Our mission is to provide, with the help of volunteers who come from all over the world, classes and events to inspire and empower the Balinese children and their communities, throughout all socio-economic classes.

We strongly believe in creating job opportunities for Balinese children and the members of the local community.
To perfectly success in our projects we receive help from local staff members who help our local organization to organize our classes and also encourage children to come to our extra afternoon classes to learn English. At Volunteer Programs Bali the local coordinators and the volunteers understand the importance of education and English skills to increase job opportunities. Also being able to speak English is very important for the future of Balinese children as Bali has become a very popular tourist destination.

For our students who are really motivated to continue to learn and to do more, we offer paid internships and learning opportunities in the schools. For that we have created opportunities to have a job at VP Bali. These extra helpers are chosen by our founder and local staff members. They are selected on motivation and eagerness to learn, but we also look at their personal and financial situation as we strongly want to support children that are struggling with their financial situation. Their work at VP Bali is to help the local coordinators in the schools with organizing the classes, class material, recourses, rooms and other administrative tasks. The main goal is that students slowly learn to take responsibility and to actually work in the organization while simultaneously joining our classes and learn English.

We are very proud of all of them and we are looking forward to continue working with them in the new year!