Life in the Valley is rather slow and peaceful; aside from teaching the children, you’ll run out of things to do fast. During the initial phase, you’ll be eager to explore about. Mornings are wonderful for jogging or trekking. Enjoy the hills and fresh air! After you’re done with class, try your hand at making Balinese offerings, Balinese dancing, or cooking Balinese food at the home stay. On your days off, head towards the beach or attempt to climb Mount Agung, the tallest peak in Bali. At night, there aren’t any clubs or bars around. Chill at the home stay with the other volunteers; play cards or just chat over a cup of hot tea.

After the initial rush, you’re going to start feeling bored. That’s why we recommended bringing books earlier. If you’re not the book-reading type, try your language skills and interact with the family at the home stay. Who knows, they might be able to point you towards new activities!