Bali knows two seasons, the dry season and the wet season. During the wet season it can rain very heavily. Last month Bali experienced a very heavy rainy time and due to these heavy rains some areas in the mountain area of North Bali got hit by severe landslides. Landslides are common in Indonesia during the monsoon season, but are relatively rare on the tourist island of Bali.

One of the villages that got hit is Songan, a village located in the Kintamani area, North Bali. In Songan the landslides were so bad that twelve people didn’t survive this tragedy and a lot of people got injured. Besides the physical injuries and losses, many people in the village lost everything they got, their home, their vehicles and their shops, everything got destroyed. Apart from the disaster management aid (army, police and volunteers) who came to help looking for survivors right after it happened, the village is now totally depending on donations and help from other communities in Bali.

When VP Bali heard about this tragedy, we immediately decided that we needed to help as an humanity act. Community is very important for VP Bali and therefore we wanted to reach out to other communities as well. Even though Songan village is quite far away from the community of VP Bali, when there is such a terrible event happening in another community in Bali, we feel the urge to step up and help this community through this difficult time.

Last Sunday the team of VP Bali and some of the students of VP Bali visited the area in Kintamani. But we don’t come empty handed. Due to the fact that so many people lost their home and their source of income, VP Bali decided to donate food to the victims of the landslides disaster. We donated food such as rice, eggs, noodles and snacks. These are all basic foods that everyone needs and it can be easily divided among the community.

We also gave the students the opportunity to contribute to the donation and they were so excited to join the team on this day. Even though Sunday is a day off for most people, the team of VP Bali and the students were more than happy to go and spend the day together with the VP Bali family and do something meaningful to the other communities of Bali.

After visiting the village the team went for lunch and spend some nice time together by the beautiful Lake Batur.

It is amazing to see how involved our local staff is with other communities and how eager our students are to help as well. It is very inspiring to see such young people caring so much about others. That’s what it’s all about!

Thank you everyone for taking the time to joining us in #givingback!