Become part of a worldwide community

Join our vibrant movement and become #ForeverUnited.

Each and every individual engaged with us becomes part of our Forever Community.


The Forever Learning Center VP Bali is powered by the amazing Forever Community of our main organization, Volunteer Programs Forever.
This worldwide community of like minded people all share the same mission: changing lives.
Whether you are volunteering or sharing your skills in our center in Bali,
or you are contributing your skills remotely,
being one of our Fundraiser Friends or supporting us as a business.

There are many ways to be engaged.



*If you are located in another location than Bali and you are interested to become part of our Forever Community in any way, check out our main organization VP Forever.

Become one of our Fundraiser Friends!

As a volunteer you become part of our Forever Community. By coming to Bali and staying at our Forever Learning Center you get the opportunity to see firsthand what we are doing to empower and inspire our local community. The impact you have on the Balinese people by being at the center is enormously and will last for a long time.

But you can do even more!

Are you coming to Bali to volunteer with us and you want to support the center with school materials or other donations? Or you can’t come to Bali yet but you still want to support the Balinese community?


Start your own fundraiser now and make even a bigger difference for the communities in Bali!
For more ideas, tips and tricks, download our toolkit.
No time or no inspiration? Don’t worry. You can also make a direct donation here.

Fundraising has never been this easy and fun. We designed the opportunity for YOU to create your very own fundraiser. Is your birthday coming up? In the mood for a bake sale or training for that 5K run? #ForeverUnited

Fundraiser ideas

Things to keep in mind:

  • For all promotional material we require you to stay within our brand guidelines
  • We only accept any fundraisers through our own platform
  • We require full transparency about raised funds
  • We can’t financially support any fundraiser (think materials, uniforms or other items)

Here are a few examples to inspire you:

  • Help making a difference by asking for donations instead of gifts on your next birthday!
  • Start your own fun run event in your community and help us reach our goals!
  • Organize a Christmas market at your school where you can raise funds through profits of sales.
  • Collect funds at your next family dinner!
  • Engage your colleagues or employees by holding a fundraiser at your place of work
  • Activate your community to support our mission by holding your own fundraiser, such as silent auctions, concerts, or bake sales

For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions.

More ideas and information on how to get going can be found in our Fundraiser Toolkit.


Contribute your skills at the center!



But we can understand if you don’t have the time to commit to a volunteer placements at the center.
Good news!

If you are in Bali, or planning to come to Bali, but not able to commit to one of our volunteer programs, there is still the possibility to support our local community at the Forever Learning Center!

Besides welcoming international volunteers during certain periods of the year, we also welcome contributors in our organization. We do this so that diverse and passionate niche individuals from all over the world can encourage community growth through teaching life skills and valuable trades.

By sharing your skills at the center, you are not only a part of the growth of our local community, you will also have an experience that not many others will ever have. By contributing your skills and/or knowledge at the center, you get to be part of our local family.

You will feel and experience the ins and outs of the Forever Learning Center and you will get to know the Balinese culture in a way no tourist ever would.

Through these opportunities, we aim to encourage continued learning of local traditions and create a full-circle community of learning where all involved can grow together.

Examples for contributing your skills at the center can be as following:     

  • Organize workshops for our children in specific topics (for example: healthcare, dance/yoga, environmental issues)
  • Using your photography or videography skills by contributing by creating content for marketing purposes.
  • Speak to our community to inspire them with your story! Perhaps you are an entrepreneur and you want to share your journey? Or you are a doctor and you want to give insight in your daily life?

Our Contributors

Bella Schuster

Bella Schuster

Photographer & Videographer

Bella has visited the program in Bali and contributed her photography and videography skills.

Mudfish Collection

Mudfish Collection

Environmental organization

Mudfish Collection has organized workshops for our students at the program to educate them about plastic use and recycling.

Oscar and Sarah Wahltinez

Oscar and Sarah Wahltinez

Wahltinez Foundation

The Wahltinez Foundation is a non-profit founded by Oscar Wahltinez, a computer scientist, and Sarah Wahltinez, a veterinarian focused on marine invertebrates. Our goal is to assist highly specialized individuals in connecting with non-profits to benefit the public.

Wahyu Novalianto

Wahyu Novalianto

HR professional

Wahyu is contributing his HR and coaching skills by working with our local staff. Besides that he also trains our staff with Excel and accounting knowledge.

Erica Arndts

Erica Arndts

Mural artist

Erica is a very talented mural artist and she spent a few weeks at Volunteer Programs Bali creating the most amazing murals in our classrooms.

Vivek Dugar

Vivek Dugar

Climate change expert

Vivek has given educational workshops to our scholarships students about plastic use, climate change and reducing emissions.

If you can’t come to Bali to contribute your skills at the center, but you are interested in becoming part of our Forever Community?
You have some skills you like to contribute virtually?

You can be one of the contributors of VP Forever! Contact us for more information!

Collab with your local business!

Are you a local business owner in Bali and you are interested to collaborate with us?

The Forever Learning Center VP Bali is always looking to create partnerships with local businesses who have the same vision and mission in mind.

And did you know that doing good and giving back is actually good for business?

Gili Island is know for their beautiful beaches and perfect to relax.

At the Forever Learning Center VP Bali we believe in the value of strong partnerships. Helping each other for the greater good and to build long term engagements. We do this by collaborating with businesses in Bali who want to be part of our Forever Community and supporting the Learning Center.

By having a collaboration with us you show your customers and employees that your business is committed to making a difference in this world. We provide all the resources and materials to help you communicate about your support and the impact you have for the center. 

There are different ways to support us through your business.  We believe that every small effort can make a big difference and every way of support is a meaningful one!

  1. Monetary donations
  2. Contributing business services

A monetary donation is a very resourceful and successful way to support us. This can be done by donating a percentage of your sales, make a donation per purchase or organize a company fundraiser. 

As a business you can also support us by donating your business services. What makes us unique and different to others is that we don’t spend money on big salaries but that we work with a worldwide community of contributors.

You can be part of this community with your business as well! 

If you are a business owner and interested in a collab but located outside Bali, please do contact us for more information.

The face of our organization

Support VP Bali by becoming an ambassador.

We have a few exclusive spots available to become one of the ambassadors of our main organization Volunteer Programs Forever.

The ambassadors of VP Forever organize different activities to raise awareness and increase our organization’s visibility, with the ultimate goal of raising funds. As an ambassador you will be representing our organization.

Our ambassadors share and explain information about the VP Forever agenda, projects and campaigns:

  1. Through managing information and communication activities in their own countries;
  2. Involving co-workers, departments, institutions, civil society and friends.
  3. By actively raising funds and awareness through creative ways.
As a ambassador you play a precious, official, sustainable and concrete role in favor of underprivileged communities even without leaving your city.

Becoming an ambassador has many benefits. Although we do expect certain efforts, you gain so much more than you invest.

The VP Bali ambassadors core-mission is to promote our education and community self-development plans.

We do have some guidelines to follow and only a few positions available. If you are interested to learn more about this, see our VP Forever website.

YOU as a volunteer play a big role and by coming to volunteer at the center, you become part of our VP Bali family. You will be staying on site which gives you the opportunity to see the impact you have on the local community.

We offer full transparency on how and where we support and give YOU the chance to see this from the front row.

For more information about your daily routine as a volunteer have a look here 
Wanna know more about the headquarters of the volunteers? Check out here 

Our main organization VP Forever also offers volunteer opportunities on different locations. To see more about the Forever Projects, have a look here 


*If you are interested in giving back to our communities via online donation, please visit our Donate page.


*If you are located in another location than Bali and you are interested to become part of our Forever Community in any way,

 check out our main organization VP Forever.