A small donation can make a big difference in someone’s life. At VP Bali, we provide different options for those wanting to give a help our mission outside of volunteering.

If you are donating as a company, please :
If you are an individual, you can donate via: 

* Personal and corporate contribution to VP Bali are eligible for tax refund. Kindly contact us for more information.

**If you are an individual, company, or organization that would like help using your expertise and skillset instead of donating, please visit our Contribute page.

VP Bali provides the opportunity for dedicated students to continue their higher education through our official scholarship program.

We aim to support our dedicated students with the option to continue their higher education, in the hope that they will one day take this knowledge and feed it back into the lives of Balinese children and the greater community. Through donations, individual sponsorships of students, and a portion our volunteer program fees, our dedicated students will be given the opportunity to continue his or her high school education.

For students to continue their education at Senior High schools in Bali, a payment of approximately IDR 450,000 (approximately USD35) per month must be paid per student for books and college fees. This contributes to the alarmingly high rate of 15-year-old adolescents not attending any formal education.

We currently have 120 students that receive a scholarship through VP Bali. Students are eligible for a scholarship if they have a 75 percent attendance record and have been a part of our program for a minimum of six months.

VP Bali can keep the sponsors up to date on the progress of their individually sponsored students via email. Of course, you are also more than welcome to visit your sponsored student directly through us.

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The number of sponsored student is growing every semester. We are proud and honoured to introduce a selection of our scholarship recipients:

Our students are thrilled when they receive new materials to play and learn with. Therefore, we are happy to welcome donations from both volunteers and visitors!

To make sure there our donations are distributed equally amongst our students, we are happy to accept donations from you when you arrive to Ubud. After organizing the new materials in our inventory system, together our staff and donors distribute what is necessary to the students with attached notes and the names of our generous individuals!

Below is a list of items that are most needed:

  • Coloured paper
  • Jewellery making supplies (letters, string, beads)
  • Crafting letters, animals, shapes
  • Mask-making kit
  • Plasticine/playdough
  • Finger paint
  • Stickers
  • Mini white boards and erasers
  • Black whiteboard markers
  • Scissors
  • Posters related to the body, the beach, animals, landscapes
  • Plastic balls
  • Skipping rope/jump rope
  • Outside games (balls, frisbee)

** Please note that most of the items above are better to purchase locally in Bali, our local staff are more than happy to take you out shopping at a non-touristy market to get the best out of your donation budget.

Besides teaching materials and school supplies, we also welcome other forms of donations the kids often need. Outside of the classroom, VP Bali holds regular workshops, with specific themes such as hygiene, first aid, tooth care, nutrition, and sports.

Therefore, we are always in need of:

  • Toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste
  • Hand soap
  • First Aid Kit supplies (bandages, betadine, insect bite lotion (after bite), splinter forceps, thermometer, scissors, etc.)
  • Sport material (balls, sport games, etc.)

During our recycling activities, we often use plastic bottles to make crafts of them. The following materials can be of great value during our recycling days:

  • Duct tape in bright neon colours or with print so we can use them to decorate crafts (max 46 mm)
  • Scotch tape
  • Regular or double sided tape in bright neon colours to decorate crafts (max 46 mm)
  • Glue (Elmer’s Glue, craft glue for kids) In Bali we don’t have this!
  • Dry glitter for crafts in several colours
  • Paint for the plastic in bright colours
  • Permanent markers for use on plastic (regular markers don’t work on plastic)
  • Paint for kids – bright colours (not watercolours, and not oil paint)
  • Stickers
  • Rope for crafts (small rope) – supplemax clear illusion
  • Big Chalk in different colours
  • Children’s scissors
  • Sewing needles of different sizes
  • Yarn and thread to make jewelry
  • Beads (a variety)
  • Glass paint

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