A small donation can make a big difference in someone’s life. At VP Bali, we provide different options for those wanting to give a help our mission outside of volunteering.


If you are donating as a company, please :

Volunteers who are doing a placement at Volunteer Programs Bali pay a program fee. These fees are based on the costs that are made for the stay of the volunteer, as well as our program costs.

85% of the program fees are going back directly into the community and cover the costs of the volunteer. Think accommodation, transportation and admin costs. With these fees we can support our local partners such as the volunteer homestay family and our local drivers.

(For more information about our program fees and what is included, please see here: program fees)

15% of the program fees are used for our program costs. To actively run our teaching program, we need school materials, we run recycling events, cultural events and we have our scholarship and student of the month program. As we are also very active in the local community, donations towards temple and village are also a big part of our monthly budget.

Therefore, our programs are for 85% relying on donations.

Although we are a small organization, we have a big dream. And we want to grow. To grow, to develop and to expand we need YOU!
If you are an individual, you can donate via: 

* Personal and corporate contribution to VP Bali are eligible for tax refund. Kindly contact us for more information.

**If you are an individual, company, or organization that would like help using your expertise and skillset instead of donating, please visit our “More ways to help” page.

All donations are received through Volunteer Programs Forever. Volunteer Programs Bali is a project of Volunteer Programs Forever. VP Forever is a private foundation located in Belgium. The main goal of VP Forever is to create educational solutions around the world and VP Bali is its pilot project. For more information about tax refund, accountability or general inquiries about VP Forever, please visit the website here.


The projects where you can help us grow are the following:

  • Educational programfree afternoon English classes for Balinese children. This includes school materials (for more information click here ) and materials for our monthly student of the month awards.
  • Scholarship program – for our junior and senior high school students. Currently around 100 students are able to continue higher education thanks to the scholarship program. For more information have a  look here: scholarship program.
  • Cultural conservation program – To preserve our precious and unique Balinese culture we organize weekly cultural classes for our students to learn more about Balinese dance. We work with very talented Balinese teachers who are able to really go into depth of this very specific skill and teach our students. Our students don’t only learn the skills of dancing but also to grow their self-confidence by performing on a regular base for our volunteers.
  • Transportation program – for students who are not able to come to the school by themselves due to lack of transportation caused by low economic status, VP Bali provides free transportation for our children. Currently children from more than 5 villages, up to 20 km outside the Ubud area are able to join the classes thanks to this service. Besides creating opportunity for the kids to go to school this also creates working opportunities for drivers who are out of a job and have no income.
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Education is a fundamental right of every child. It is the right to be able to have quality education and the right to develop and to participate in society.

For this reason, Volunteer Programs Bali aims to build a school where children can go to school on a daily basis.

We help these children and young adults in their growth to a self-sustaining and sustainable future by giving them practical education, so they can provide for themselves and their families in the future.

Our mission is to create sustainable and educational opportunities for local communities in Bali and VP Bali believes that education in various ways is therefore the greatest form of empowerment and creating opportunities. Therefore, we want to build a permanent school in Bali, Indonesia so sustainability can be guaranteed.

The next step in VP Bali’s mission is to provide land and space for our very own VP Bali school.

 This includes:

Ø  Leasing land from local Balinese owners

Ø  Build our own school building including classrooms, office and a ‘bale’ for performances

Ø  Sport fields for our students to play sports, competitions and games.

Ø  Playground for our students and the children of the community

In order to achieve all of this we need your help!

Every little bit helps, together we build and grow towards our main goal!

We invite you to be part of our mission, to be part of our family and to help us helping others!

People who are visiting Bali and having some room left in their suitcases are most welcome to bring school materials! A lot of the materials we need are only available abroad or much cheaper abroad. Have a look on our wish list for our most needed items.

Our students are thrilled when they receive new materials to play and learn with. Therefore, we are happy to welcome donations from both volunteers and visitors!

To make sure there our donations are distributed equally amongst our students, we are happy to accept donations from you when you arrive to Ubud. After organizing the new materials in our inventory system, together our staff and donors distribute what is necessary to the students with attached notes and the names of our generous individuals!

Below is a list of items that are most needed:
Some of these items can be purchased locally here in Bali whilst other materials are better to be bought abroad.

Best to bring from abroad:

  • Paint and paint brushes
  • Jewellery making supplies (letters, string, beads)
  • Crafting letters, animals, shapes
  • Chalk
  • Plasticine/playdough
  • Finger paint
  • Stickers

Best to purchase locally:

  • Mini white boards and erasers
  • Black whiteboard markers ( NO permanent )
  • Scissors
  • Posters related to the body, the beach, animals, landscapes, numbers, colours, …
  • Plastic balls
  • Skipping rope/jump rope
  • Outside games (balls, frisbee)
  • coloring paper (A4 size or bigger)
  • crafting materials

** Please note that for those items to purchase locally in Bali, our local staff are more than happy to take you out shopping at a non-touristy market to get the best out of your donation budget.

Besides teaching materials and school supplies, we also welcome other forms of donations the kids often need. Outside of the classroom, VP Bali holds regular workshops, with specific themes such as hygiene, first aid, tooth care, nutrition, and sports.

Therefore, we are always in need of:

  • First Aid Kit supplies (bandages, betadine, insect bite lotion (after bite), splinter forceps, thermometer, scissors, etc.)
  • Sport material (balls, sport games, sport t-shirts, etc.)
  •  Medical masks
  • Hand soap and sanitizer
During our recycling activities, we often use plastic bottles to make crafts of them. The following materials can be of great value during our recycling days:
  • Duct tape in bright neon colours or with print so we can use them to decorate crafts (max 46 mm)
  • Scotch tape
  • Regular or double sided tape in bright neon colours to decorate crafts (max 46 mm)
  • Glue (Elmer’s Glue, craft glue for kids) In Bali we don’t have this!
  • Dry glitter for crafts in several colours
  • Paint for the plastic in bright colours
  • Permanent markers for use on plastic (regular markers don’t work on plastic)
  • Paint for kids – bright colours (not watercolours, and not oil paint)
  • Stickers
  • Rope for crafts (small rope) – supplemax clear illusion
  • Big Chalk in different colours
  • Children’s scissors
  • Sewing needles of different sizes
  • Yarn and thread to make jewelry
  • Beads (a variety)
  • Glass paint