Volunteering at Volunteer Programs Bali means you are going to live in Bali. Whether it is for two weeks or for three months, the little town of Ubud will become your home for the time being. There is a big difference between holidaying in Bali and being here for a volunteer placement. As you are teaching every afternoon from Monday to Thursday you are getting into a routine from the moment you get here. When you are holidaying you don’t have any plans, no obligations or things you ‘must’ do. But as a volunteer you do have some sort of responsibility, being it to be on time every day to go the school, as the kids are waiting for you.

These volunteer hours will give you the feeling of really living in Bali for the duration of your volunteer placement. So much more than a holiday, you get to really live here and feel at home. But how does the daily life of a volunteer look like? What are they doing in the mornings before class, and what about the evenings and weekends? Well, we will break it down for you, day by day.

Sunday – first day!

First day in Ubud. A bit jetlagged from your flight and arrival yesterday but waking up in paradise and you will forget that very quickly. Today we will have our first part of the orientation program, which starts at 2 PM. Meaning there is still some time left to explore your new town!
As you are living here for the next weeks a visit to the Monkey Forest is a must-do as well as strolling around the lotus garden at the Puri Saraswati near Ubud Palace. And while you are there, visit the Palace as well! Be back at the homestay before 2 PM to start the orientation program.
By the time we are finished with that it is almost evening already. A bit tired from all the new expressions and the jetlag kicking in, have a quick dinner in one of the restaurants close to the homestay and an early night in bed!

Monday – get to know everyone!

On Monday morning we have the second part of the orientation part. We start at 9 AM so make sure you have your breakfast before that! (did we mention the delicious banana pancakes you get for breakfast every morning? More about that later!)
After the orientation we have our weekly volunteer meeting and this is also the moment you will get to know all the other volunteers! A quick smoothie bowl or fried rice and it is time to get ready for your first day at school! Transport to the school leaves every day at 1 PM around the corner, so make sure you are ready on time! At school it is all about getting to know the kids, the school area and enjoying all the happy faces! We come home from school around 6 PM and it was a tiring day with so many new things to learn and witness! Dinner with the other volunteers in the area, we go for sushi or pizza tonight?

Tuesday – time to explore

In the morning before class there is always some time to visit some sights around Ubud. Tegalllang rice terraces is one of our favorites! It is only 30 minutes’ drive from Ubud so perfect for a morning before teaching! There is still time to go to the Bali swing as well after that! Trips are usually done together with other volunteers; it is so much more fun than to explore by yourself! Ask Wayan from the homestay to arrange the transportation and all you need to do is sit back and enjoy all the beauty Bali has to offer. Just make sure that you are back before 1 PM to make it to school on time! After school it is time for a nice dinner again and perhaps a cocktail or beer at one of the local bars and enjoy some live music!

Wednesday – fun day!

Mornings in Ubud before teaching; start the day with a relaxing yoga class and a fresh smoothie bowl or a floating breakfast after that! There are many yoga studios in Ubud and you should definitely try a class when you are here. If you are not feeling to sweat, go to one of the day pools for some sunbathing and that floating breakfast! Before heading back to the homestay to get ready for school we go for a quick shopping trip on the Ubud traditional market and of course a fresh coconut in front of the homestay!
Even though breakfasts outside are lovely, the breakfast served at the homestay is not that bad either! Fresh fruits, eggs on toast or a banana pancake and a cup of coffee or tea, every day freshly made by your homestay family!

Thurday – farewells

Let’s start this day early with a 2 AM wake up call to hike up to the Mt. Batur! Catching the sunrise on top of the mountain is a MUST DO! Coming back around 10 AM is the perfect time to go straight to the volunteer farewell breakfast before going to school! Every week we have to say goodbye to some of our volunteers and we do so by having a nice breakfast or brunch together in one of Ubud’s restaurants. Sometimes at the pool, sometimes in a restaurant, these weekly moments are fun for everyone and one of our weekly highlights! At school we have our weekly farewell ceremony and we say goodbye to our leaving volunteers. After school it is time to say goodbye to our co-volunteers in style, by going out for lots of dances and fun moments!

Friday – weekend!

Weekend! So many things to do and places to go! But going to one of the Gili Islands is definitely one of or faves! Hellooo, if you can snorkel in a place like this, who wouldn’t wanna go? And what’s even more magical are these sunsets after a tropical day at the beach and in the water!
Spend your days sipping a coconut, sunbathing and enjoying paradise to the fullest!

Saturday – SaturYAY!

For those who don’t feel like going to another island, there is plenty to see and do in Bali as well! For a bit of a cultural day you can go to the East of Bali and visit these amazing places like the Lempuyang Temple or the Tirta Gangga waterpalace. Don’t miss it!
You can also choose for a fun weekend at the beach in the popular village of Canggu, take some surfing lessons, do some shopping and have more coconuts!

And then it was Sunday again. This is just a glimpse of an average week of our volunteers. Want to find out yourself how it feels to live in Ubud and fall into a routine like this? Apply to volunteer with us!