Contributing by sharing your skills? Making a difference in the lives of underprivileged children by doing what you are best at? That sounds interesting right?

We hope to expand volunteer opportunities outside of teaching English, so that diverse and passionate niche individuals from all over the world can encourage community growth through teaching life skills and valuable trades. Through this project, we aim to encourage continued learning of local traditions and create a full-circle community of learning where all involved can grow together.
We strongly believe that if we unite people and skills together, we can make much more difference and by working together we can achieve anything we dream of.

A few months ago we welcomed some very talented contributors into our program. WeArt Association is an organization of professional photo and videographers who started a movement to travel all around the world to visit local organization. When visiting a local organization, they are contributing their skills by making content. Before visiting us at Volunteer Programs Bali they were in Thailand to contribute at an orphanage and after visiting us they went to Tanzania to a local school.

WeArt Association is a very young but passionate organization of professionals from Guadeloupe. Their goal is to support through their skills and make content based on the needs of the receiving organization. For us at Volunteer Programs Bali this was a perfect opportunity and they contacted us right at the perfect time. We don’t have any marketing budget and we do everything in house. This means that sometimes we are lacking of professional content for our social media channels, for funding purposes or website.

It is very important to us to give a clear and transparent view of our organization to our followers and possible donors. This includes everything that has to do with our program, with our team and behind the scenes activities as well as financial insights. Being as transparent as possible is one of the things that makes Volunteer Programs Bali unique. When WeArt Association reached out to us to come and contribute their skills, we knew that this was the perfect opportunity to work together to make more content and to give people more insight and details about our work. The fun thing about working with skilled people is that they have their own creativity and input and together we came up with some very interesting projects to work on.

Not only was it a great opportunity for Volunteer Programs Bali to work together, for the contributors from WeArt Association it was a very special opportunity to learn more about our work, to see the behind the scenes of working with an international non-profit organization and last but not least specially to get to know the Balinese culture.

WeArt Association has been with our organization for a month. During that month, they have been to the school almost every day. To really get to know our programs, our team and our children, they have been joining the classes, joining other activities such as our weekly cultural exchange. Outside school hours they have been working and brainstorming a lot with our founder Kimberley Vanderheyden. Mainly to determine which footage and content needs to be taken, story lines for videos and background information about the program, about the organization as well as the main organization Volunteer Programs Forever and to talk about the Balinese culture.

They also had the opportunity to attend a few Balinese ceremonies and events in a local village. Seeing the traditional culture from up close has been a very special experience for them and something they would not have been able to see when they would just be holidaying on the island.

For one of the projects they have been following a few students at home. These students come from a very poor family and the way they live, how they have to provide for themselves and their living and school arrangements have been very impressive for WeArt to witness and experience. Bali might be very touristy with luxurious resorts and facilities, behind all this wealth and beauty, Bali is still very undeveloped and has a lot of underprivileged communities. To be able to see this first hand and to experience this, has been not only very special but also very rewarding for them.

We are very happy to be able to welcome skilled professionals like WeArt Assocation and we hope that we can meet many more in the future.

If you have a specific skill and you are interested to share this and make a difference in the lives of underprivileged Balinese children, please contact us directly here: contact us.