Although we are a small organization, we have a big dream.

There are many ways to contribute towards one of our projects.

Currently the projects we need contribution for most are the following:
  •  Educational program – free afternoon English classes for Balinese children. This includes school materials (for more information on what is needed most, have look on our wish list ) and materials for our monthly student of the month awards.
  •  Scholarship program for our junior and senior high school students. Currently around 100 students are able to continue higher education thanks to the scholarship program. For more information about our scholarship program: scholarship
  • Cultural conservation program – To preserve our precious and unique Balinese culture we organize weekly cultural classes for our students to learn more about Balinese dance. We work with very talented Balinese teachers who are able to really go into depth of this very specific skill and teach our students. Our students don’t only learn the skills of dancing but also to grow their self confidence by performing on a regular base for our volunteers.
  • Transportation program – for students who are not able to come to the school by themselves due to lack of transportation caused by low economic status, VP Bali provides free transportation for our children. Currently children from more than 5 villages outside the Ubud area are able to join the classes thanks to this service. Besides creating opportunity for the kids to go to school this also creates working opportunities for drivers who are out of a job and have no income.
The next step in VP Bali’s mission is to provide land and space for our very own VP Bali school. This includes:
  • leasing land from local Balinese owners
  • Build our own school building including classrooms, office and a ‘bale’ for performances
  • Sport fields for our students to play sports, competitions and games.
  • Playground for our students and the children of the community
In order to achieve this we need your help!
Every little bit helps, together we build and grow towards our main goal!

We hope to expand volunteer opportunities outside of teaching English, so that diverse and passionate niche individuals from all over the world can encourage community growth through teaching life skills and valuable trades. Through this project, we aim to encourage continued learning of local traditions and create a full-circle community of learning where all involved can grow together.

We can do some of this alone, but we can do so much more together!

Compassionate individuals, experts, organizations, or even companies – no matter how big or small your contribution is, if you share our values, respect for the local culture and traditions, and want to give back please reach out to us.



*If you are interested in giving back to our communities via online donation, please visit our Donate page.


For almost six years, VP Bali’s presence through our free English classes has allowed us to develop a strong relationship with Ubud’s local communities. The support from our students and their families is the driving force for us to continue improving and find more ways to give back.

In Indonesia, gaining trust from the local community and obtaining legal paperwork is not easy. While we have integrated into our local culture, in line with the needs of our community, navigating around the system in place presents many issues. For this, we are grateful to local officials and community members for socially accepting us into their daily lives, as their support helps us continue to grow and bring our dreams to life.


Estelle Deferme

Estelle Deferme

Finance & Operation Consultant

Julie van der Meer Mohr

Julie van der Meer Mohr

Housewife and VP Bali Friend

Kezia Koen

Kezia Koen

Marketing Consultant

Kok Wei Tay

Kok Wei Tay

Illustrator (Senior Art Director)

Olivier Troch

Olivier Troch

Digital Consultant


We strive to give everyone an opportunity to grow and develop their professional and personal skills. As VP Bali is a small and local organization, interns will be a part of our family during their stay and get a good glance of all the work that we are doing. We have qualified members in our team to guide and supervise the interns during their stay and give them the necessary feedback and directions.

Interns who are coming through a school program are able to work on their personal assignments as well. The positions match the requirements of most international universities. Besides the school-related special assignments, our management team always looks at the personal skills and interests of each intern and will try our best to help them reach their fullest potential.

Creative Marketing Intern

As the Creative Marketing Intern, you will play a significant role in the growth of VP Bali’s mission by communicating our message to different audiences. You will assist in the development and implementation of innovative and effective marketing strategies, events, and campaigns that are in line with the image, values, and beliefs of VP Bali.

If you have a passion in photography, graphic design, video editing, and keen to tell VP Bali story to the world… Send us your CV, portfolio, and motivation letter to

Note: The minimum duration for this internship is 4 months.


As a General Marketing Intern, you will be responsible for increasing the visibility of VP Bali across diverse marketing channels, while improving your skills in brand communication and strategic messaging. We ask that candidates have basic understanding of popular social media, but no specific skills are required! We ask these interns to volunteer in our schools for four weeks prior to your placement – this will help you better understand our organization and determine how you can best add value to our VP Bali Family!

If you’re looking to volunteer, but also intern and learn from our growing marketing efforts, send us your CV and motivation letter to

Note: The minimum duration for this internship is 3 months (not including one month volunteering for which you are responsible for paying a Program Fee).