A clean and healthy environment is very important for Volunteer Programs Bali. We believe children have the right to learn, develop and grow in a safe and healthy environment, and unfortunately this is not always the case in Bali.
Environmental issues in Indonesia are getting bigger due to a big plastic program and as well as lack of knowledge on the impact of plastic in the environment. Especially in rainy season, plastic can be found everywhere on the side of the streets in Bali.

Besides the environmental aspect, we at Volunteer Programs Bali are also very much involved in our local community. We do this through many ways, like supporting and attending local ceremonies and events, but also by helping the community to keep their environment clean. As our school is located in a local village, we think it is very important that our organization, together with the village, takes care of its surroundings, to protect the nature and to keep the environment clean from plastic and other trash.

At Volunteer Programs Bali, we’re always striving to spread this “go green” and community spirit to the children of our program and also our volunteers. Therefore, we regularly organize clean up events in our schools.

On these days everyone is involved. All our students, our local staff, our local helpers, our drivers and our international volunteers! We all gather together at the school, geared up with big garbage bags, brooms and most importantly, positive energy and great clean up spirit!

We divide up in small groups and we all take our area as our responsibility, to make sure every corner is covered. We clean up inside the classrooms, in our yard and play area, parking area and in the area around our schools such as the entrance road and around the buildings nearby.

After working very hard and making sure every piece of trash is collected, the result is many big garbage bags, full with trash!

**We strongly believe that together we can make a difference! **

The spirit of doing these things all together makes it one of the highlights of the month for our students and also for our volunteers. Being in small groups, it is also a great moment for our volunteers to bond with their students, and to work together. Usually there is also a feeling of competition, which group will collect the most?!

To make these events fun, our kids will be involved and motivated to attend. By not only having fun and collecting trash, we also try to raise the awareness for our local community of the importance of a healthy and clean environment.

And it feels so good to come to school when it is all cleaned up and well maintained!