Schools in Indonesia have lots of holidays. So being a teacher here is quite fun, you get to have holidays almost every month.
Besides the yearly summer holiday, there is also an end of the year holiday (December/January). And then we haven’t started with all the religious holidays. As Indonesia celebrates all religions, we get holiday on Christmas, Buddhism new year, Chinese New Year, Islam holidays and Bali being mainly an Hindu island, obviously we celebrate all Hindu religious holidays.
So when we count all these up, there are holidays almost every month.

At Volunteer Programs Bali, we don’t follow all the national holidays. Firstly, because we are not a regular school, we are a free afternoon program which is not mandatory for the children to join. So the children can decide for themselves whether they want to join the classes.
Secondly, as we work with international volunteers, we can’t close the school on each holiday, as it would mean that the volunteers don’t have any children to teach on those days. And that’s of course the reason they come here for, so we don’t want to disappoint them!

So as we run our programs all year long, our staff hardly gets any holidays. There is also no break for our students except for the weekends.
This made us decide that we do have to take some days off. For all of us to recharge. And to get in line as good as possible with the Indonesian school holidays, we take this break at the end of the year. So the last two weeks of December and the first week of January are OFF!

This means we won’t welcome any new volunteers during this period, our local staff does not have to come in for work and our kids get a real holiday!

However, this year’s break is a bit different. That’s because this year the break falls together with the largest Balinese holiday called Galungan. Meaning that all our Balinese staff and students won’t actually have time off, but will be super busy at home with all the preparations of these ceremonies.
But luckily this is only one week, the other two weeks they do get to enjoy some well-deserved time off!

So to all our friends and students, we will see you back again in the new year! For now, enjoy your holiday and ceremonies and look forward seeing you back in January.
And to all our volunteers, we can’t wait to welcome you again in 2019! We wish you all happy holidays!