At VP Bali, every member of our family grows together. Our local staff, trainees, volunteers, and students all work towards their personal and professional goals as they contribute to our mission. We also give the opportunity for interns to join our team, for them to contribute their valuable skills while learning from our growing organization. The benefits that come from working and learning in a place as special as Bali, go far past a normal office internship.

Upon arrival, interns will immediately sense that their experience in Bali will be very different from past internships. The heat alone, causes a shift from “normal working conditions” as it quickly becomes a game to find the best workspaces in Ubud that are 1. Air-conditioned 2. Quiet 3. Have fast internet. Thankfully, Ubud is home to tons of beautiful bamboo-crafted cafes and workspaces to accommodate the “digital nomad” scene that has landed here. Whether you’re looking for a small, cool, room, or a wide-open table with a rice terrace view, Ubud has all the places to stimulate your creativity and productivity!

Interning in Bali creates a unique experience in many elements – one of the most obvious being the fact that you are working among an international community. Between our local staff, founder, fellow interns, and sometimes volunteers, interns get to work in an environment where you’ll learn how to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds. Gaining experience with cross-cultural sensitivity will help you more easily work with people from all over the world in the future!

Interning somewhere other than your home country means adjusting your typical work routines to a new and challenging environment. Even if its something as small as dressing appropriately, working in a new country forces you to break out of your comfort zone. Remember, you only grow when you are challenged, and are only challenged when you feel “uncomfortable!”

One of the most unique aspects of interning with us is learning to balance work in paradise. Some find quicker than others that living on a beautiful island doesn’t mean that day-to-day work routines don’t just go away during the week. But on weekends, interns have the opportunity to explore the island – get down to the beach, explore the east coast by motorbike, or hike volcanoes in the north! All of these incredible weekend experiences leave our interns refreshed with new creative ideas to come back with on Mondays. The balance of work and play in Bali creates an amazing quality of living, which leads to our brightest and most creative ideas that help VP Bali grow!

Feeling keen? Check out our internship availability here. We can’t wait to meet you!