At VP Bali, we aim to create a unique environment for our kids that they don’t get to experience in their normal public schools. Outside of our creative learning techniques, we create our own little melting pot between all of our volunteers from different countries. When volunteers from different cultures, speaking different first languages co-teach together, it allows our students to get a glimpse of cultures beyond the island they call home.

One of our major goals in the classroom is to show our students that education is not linear, that there are many different ways of learning – by the book and outside of the classroom. It is our hope that they gain a broadened view of education from our volunteers with different backgrounds. We want our kids to take this knowledge with them as they grow, so they are inspired to teach others to look past the simple benchmarks and tests in their public schools.

Co-teachers are typically paired between long term volunteers and short term volunteers. This makes it easier for our students to adjust to new faces, and for more kids to be given the attention they need based on their skill level.

The benefits of co-teaching also extend to our volunteers! We try our best to pair volunteers with co-teachers who are not from their home country or speak the same first language. This way, volunteers learn how to work with people from other cultures and solve problems together, all the while taking input and different creatives ideas to make their classrooms successful! Co-teachers will often get together outside of class at their volunteer homestays to prepare lesson plans – a quick and easy way to make new friends and get to know each other!

The fact co-teaching serves benefits to both our volunteers and our students is an example of how every member of our family is growing together. At VP Bali, all parties involved are empowered to inspire those around them long after working with us. We hope that our volunteers take what they learn from their co-teachers in Bali, and bring it home to make a difference around the world!