“Awareness for recycling in Bali is growing”

VP Bali will help the villages of our schools to keep their streets clean and raise awareness for recycling. We are going to donate trash bins to the community so they can separate and recycle their rubbish. The villages are all entering in a competition to be the cleanest village of Indonesia! We are excited and grateful for the invite to help. We at VP Bali have been trying to raise awareness for a while now and it’s great to see the progresses made so far. VP Bali values and respects the local culture and really tries to work together with the Balinese communities. A partnership like this takes a lot of time and mutual respect to build. This is how that process has developed:


Not only do we want to teach English classes to Balinese kids, our aim is to also give back to the community as much as we can. Setting up activities like this is not easy, as there is such a big cultural difference. VP Bali really respects the local culture and therefore we make a lot of effort to do things the Balinese way. We started by talking to the head of the school, village, and community, to ask permission to start the lesson programs in the afternoons. We started with a big donation to the schools for class materials such as books and pencils. In return we got to use their classrooms for our English lessons. We also contributed to the construction costs of the school. To show our respects and to really engage with the local community we then started to regularly attend the local ceremonies with our volunteers and staff. We still give donations to the school every 6 months. We also try to give back to the community by creating local jobs and helping in whatever way we can. The story about Dewi who sold ice creams is a good example. Slowly our partnerships with the various schools and communities have developed and established.


As a result, we received the approval to start the recycling event with schools last year. This is not a small achievement as the importance of recycling isn’t a priority as it is in most Western cultures. The approval from local communities for events like these is hard to achieve, especially for non-locals. But we did! And it turned out to be a big success! Now the village competition is coming up and they came to us with the question if we wanted to help out. We are very honoured by this request and decided to help out by donating bins to separate the trash. And last but not least we received the approval from the Balinese government to do a monthly recycle event in the area of our schools.


These two achievements are a big step forward in our mission to raise awareness for the environment and recycling, naturally we are very excited about these projects. In the end we really see that all the efforts we have made towards the community is paying off and they are allowing us do more and more in their communities. Hopefully we can keep spreading the message and creating awareness for recycling.