More than likely exhausted from jet lag, the butterflies you’ve had in your stomach for the last few weeks suddenly start fluttering faster as you make your way through immigration and grab your luggage. As you walk into the lobby, everything seems a bit less nerve wracking when the owner of your homestay accommodation greets you with a smile.

On the drive from the airport to Ubud, you experience an immediate sensory overload of everything that makes Bali, Bali. Huge statues of Balinese gods stand in the middle of chaotic roundabouts as families of four zoom past your taxi on a single motorbike – for many volunteers, it will take some time to orient yourself to driving on the left side of the road!

In our opinion, the combination of excitement and nervousness of a volunteer’s first days is one of the best parts of your experience abroad. It’s an amazing feeling to look back on this day when you eventually depart Bali, to realize how far you’ve come since arrival! We realize that being in a new environment can be a little intimidating, especially for those who haven’t traveled on our side of the world. This is why at VP Bali Volunteer Orientation, we have everything sorted for you to make your experience incredible from Day 1!

The days and weeks leading up to your trip, you may be tempted to research through guide books and guides about tips for the adventure ahead. Our Volunteer Orientation gives you an easy soft landing and introduction into your new home. This means that you don’t need to worry about the first couple days in Bali, we have it all sorted for you!

Saturday and Sunday morning before your placement allow your body time to recover and rest after your long journey. Thankfully for you, Ubud is famous for spas and massages around every corner.
On Sunday afternoon, your first day of Volunteer Orientation helps you to feel comfortable in your new environment! Our local staff will show you around the area and point out helpful spots like ATMs, laundry services, pharmacies, and some of our favorite places to eat. Day one introduces you to a few things that make Bali especially unique, and all the dos and don’ts of the friendly culture you’ll be living amongst!

Day Two of your orientation on Monday morning introduces you to the flow of your new classroom! Our local staff with walk you through our curriculum and explain a few of the games and activities our students like best. Then, you’ll be joined by your co-teachers to start planning your first day of class Monday afternoon!

Providing you with a soft landing, our volunteer orientation gives you just a taste of how special your new home is. Between getting to know the local people, experiencing the vibrant art and culture, and exploring a different coastline every weekend, you will slowly discover on your own just how truly unique Bali is to the rest of the world.

Getting excited? Us too.

We can’t wait to meet you!