Ever wonder how our incredible founder Kimberley spends her day? Here’s a peek:
5AM: Who let the dogs out? Kimberley.
Kimberley is an early bird. She starts her day most of the time at 5am. First she lets the dogs out, once that’s done, she can enjoy the bed by herself. Some of them are also really eager and come back straight.
We all know that Kimberley loves animals, but do you know that she has 5 dogs and 4 cats that calls her mom? Luckily they are all quite independent and can walk themselves around her village – She just need to open her doors! 😉


Snooze time, after the packs are out and about – Kimberley finally gets to enjoy the bed all by herself! – Yeah well…sometimes with exceptions 😉



Sometimes it depends on how late the previous day ends, but normally Kimberley uses this time of the day to go through her daily to-do-list. Once that is done, she will… open Facebook and Instagram to check on how everyone is doing! Gotta be social hey! 🙂


After checking the social media Kimberley makes herself a cup (or three cups) of coffee and starts attacking the emails! (We all know how responsive VP Bali is when it comes to responding to emails and queries…) Who says this has to be done from the desk? 😉


Finally, to energize herself with positive emotions for the whole day, Kimberley will watch a short cartoon. Time to get up and face the word!



Time to shower and look great!



8.45AM – 10 AM
Paperwork! Because even though one lives in Bali, you still have to clear your paperwork…


10AM – 12Noon
Our founder uses this time to prepare for school activities and events. When necessary she will also meet her staff and tackle tasks together 🙂
12 Noon – 12.30PM



12.45PM – 4.30PM
PLAY time! At school Kimberley spends her time to play with the kids, volunteers, and also to help teach in some classes. She will also use this time to analyse and note down things to improve because we believe in continuous growth! 🙂



 4.30PM – 5.30PM
It is one of Kimberley’s talents to split her day in enough pieces, so that everyone has the chance to meet up with her. And this doesn’t always needs to be in an office, right? 😉 Let’s discuss the upcoming projects with the interns!



5.30PM – 7PM
Time to evaluate the day! Either with staff, interns, or volunteers, Kimberley will go through her last meeting of the day and/or sort things up during this time.


8PM onwards
Depending on the day (Wednesday night is blocked for staff and Thursday is blocked for our weekly Thursday Dinner) Kimberley will be sprinkling the final magic dust on her tasks! Once that’s done she will happily jump in bed and catch some rest – well after her last cartoon of the day at least! 😉


And that’s it! 24 hours as Volunteer Programs Bali’s founder! 🙂