Why do Balinese think their island is worth a visit?


Get ready! You are going to Bali! As we all know Bali is very popular among travellers. But are you curious to learn the real reasons to go to Bali from a local point of view? With the help of our students and local staff members we are ready to shed the light on this question – here are the main reasons why you should really get on that plane to Bali!
1. Bali is a very famous island not only in Indonesia, but all over the world. Many people dream to get to Bali. And if you can run into people like David Beckham, Barack Obama and Julia Roberts on your way to school or work, it definitely proves that Bali is is one of the most popular tourist destinations for everyone!
2. Bali has an amazing and diverse nature – one can enjoy beaches, forests, rice fields and terraces, waterfalls, lakes, rivers and even volcanos! Where else can you enjoy such a variety of nature? Just an insider’s tip; try not only to stay on the main roads but get off the beaten track and discover even more beauty!


3. The island of Bali is famous for its delicious traditional cuisine. Nasi Ayam, Nasi Campur, Lawar, Bebek, Mi Goreng, Babi Guling, Balung, Tum, Pepes, Ares – it is a real jam and all gourmets should try these mouth-watering dishes! What is even more exciting is that you can eat traditional Balinese food with your hands – and it actually tastes much better that way!

4. Hospitality, friendliness and politeness – this is what Balinese people are all about. Balinese are very easy in the communication and easy-going people. They smile and are happy to have a conversation even with a stranger. The best way to experience the real Balinese life is staying at a homestay. Living with a Balinese family and really see the daily life of the locals!


5. Island of gods, island of thousand temples, island of paradise…All these titles have appeared thanks to the unique rich culture of Balinese people. They have their own dialect, art, music, crafts, many rituals, holidays and ceremonies. So many fascinating things you can learn and even take part in as the Balinese are more than happy to show you their culture. Try to really connect with the locals and you will probably get invited to join a Balinese ceremony or a wedding!

6. Balinese are never bored, there are just too many fun things to do! Start the day with a visit to the local market, sipping a coffee overlooking the morning life by the side of the road, go for a ride through the villages and visit one of Bali’s amazing beaches. Especially in the afternoons during the weekend, you will see the beaches full with Balinese families enjoying their day off with their family!


7. Sports! Did you know that the Balinese love playing badminton, futsal or volleyball? And they are amazing surfers and great at yoga? Just about everything! And whether you are a pro or beginner, they are happy to teach you or have you in their team for a game or two.

8. We’ve mentioned it before but it is worth to enhance a bit more. You haven’t seen Bali if you haven’t been to the local market in the morning. Each village has their market and even though it is for early birds (best time to go is about 6-6.30 AM), it is all worth it. Exotic fruits, 1000 different kinds of vegetables and spices, offerings and much more. It is colorful and vibrant, and the experience is even more complete if you go with one of your new Balinese friends who are able to tell you all about everything you see!

9. Traveling to another country is always exciting and fun. And what makes it even more fun if you can really communicate with the locals. So why not learn a few words Bahasa Indonesia while you are in Bali? You will see that the Balinese love it when you make the effort of speaking their language, and it definitely helps you bond and understand the Balinese culture.

10. Eat in local restaurants as much as you can. Bali has many options to dine and sometimes it would make you feel you are in your home country with all the choices of foreign cuisines. However, eating with the locals really enriches your experience. Even though local restaurants aren’t as cosy, clean or fancy as that Italian restaurant next door, it really is an experience to never forget!

Are you already planning your holiday to Bali? Just a few last tips of our students and local staff; be yourself, be open to the culture and take care of the environment. Connect with the Balinese and think out of the box. It will definitely be an unforgettable journey and a holiday to never forget!