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V olunteer Programs Bali the first Forever Learning Center of Volunteer Programs Forever.  Volunteer Programs Forever is a private organisation operating under the Belgian law (EU)  and working on international projects with a worldwide community. We believe in the power of connecting and uniting people worldwide to help fight poverty. Sharing knowledge and creating learning opportunities are essential for creating sustainable development. We focus on helping entire communities to reach their fullest potential. For more information about VP Forever, check out the website here.

VP Bali has been the pilot project of VP Forever since 2013. Since then, over 2000 international volunteers have provided the backbone for our after school English classes. These English classes not only provide the opportunity for Balinese youth to escape poverty, but also encourage them to inspire others and contribute to their own communities as they grow. We have set up programs in several areas in Bali, Indonesia and we have helped many local communities.

Covid-19 has hit Bali in March 2020 and we were forced to close our program. Luckily Volunteer Programs Forever has given us the opportunity to keep operating. A long term solution for both the situation of the Balinese communities in times of corona and for VP Bali was much needed. That is how The Forever Learning Center was born. The learning center connects the vision and mission of Volunteer Programs Forever with the current needs of the local communities: sow today to reap beautiful harvests tomorrow. And the first Forever Learning Center in the world will be built in Bali.

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Update April 2022

Please note that we have not been taking any new applications since March 2020. Even though we would love to welcome volunteers again, we are currently not able to open our programs. This is due to many factors including travel restrictions and Covid situation in Bali as well as around the world. As we don’t know when we are able to open again we are currently unable to accept new applications and our programs remain closed indefinitely. 

The programs of VP Bali have been closed since March 2020. Since then, VP Bali has been focusing primarily on providing aid to the local communities in Bali, who have been suffering severely from the crisis. 
That being said, the main priority for us as a local organisation is our community and for now, we have to fully focus on supporting them during the crisis. We are working very hard to implement solutions that will support the local community in Bali in the long term and we are busy raising the necessary funds to do so. 

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We have seen that the needs of the community in Bali has shifted during the past year. Many Balinese lost their jobs and are struggling to survive during the crisis. Therefore, our main focus lies with The Forever Label, which was created to provide immediate job employment opportunities during the pandemic. Every product is handmade by local Balinese and every purchase goes back 100% to the community. 

By purchasing items from our shop, you immediately support local Balinese with a job opportunity and you give back in a meaningful way by bringing some Bali vibes into your home.

Shop your favorite items of the Forever Label and support the Balinese community.

We need your help even more than ever and there are many ways to still be involved. You can volunteer from home, help us raise funds or be part of the Forever Label. Every little bit helps and together we can make a difference for the people of Bali, who are all very close to our hearts. 

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“The Forever Learning Centers bring people together to make the best out of themselves. This is the only way to ensure change from the inside out.”

Kimberley Vanderheyden, founder.-


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“From what we get, we can make a living, what we give, however, makes a life” – Arthur Ashe

We aim to provide a structural foundation by creating jobs outside the tourism sector and provide the communities with the skills needed in today’s labor market. The Forever Learning Center VP Bali offers all this.
Most of the activities are focused on job creation: in a structural manner and in the long term. By teaching the local population the necessary knowledge and skills, the communities will be much better equipped in the future against knockouts from the vital tourism sector. By doing this, the income of the Balinese is less under pressure, and it is much more likely that they can continue to meet their basic needs.


Adopting the Balinese values and its premise that community and family is of utmost importance, we aim to inspire and provide opportunities for local Balinese while respecting their culture and way of life that makes this island so unique. Not only providing opportunity for Bali’s youth to escape poverty through free English classes, VP Bali also gives community members and struggling local businesses the chance to work with us, and grow as we grow.

Bali is hit very hard by the corona crisis. 80% of the population depends directly or indirectly on the tourism industry to earn their income. When, like now, the tourism sector has been affected, there is no longer enough income for the local communities to meet their basic needs. The consequences for our local community is enormously and as a local organisation operating in Bali, we feel that we have to support our communities by providing mid and long term solutions. 

Whereas the main focus of VP Bali has always on our English classes and welcoming international volunteers, the new concept of our Forever Learning Center focuses more on the community as a whole. Working together with international volunteers gives our community the opportunity to interact with foreigners and to develop new skills such as soft skills, intercultural communication skills and expanding their English conversation skills.

At the same time we want to create a place for international volunteers to experience true Balinese life in a traditional village, to be part of our transparent and vibrant organization and to build relationships with like minded people, all being part of our Forever Community. Volunteering in Bali is the perfect opportunity to do something meaningful, give back to the community and to explore one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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Kimberley Vanderheyden is a passionate advocate on the powerful effects of giving to others and the positive outcomes on both the individual and their community as a whole.

Once a volunteer herself with both children and animals, Kimberley knows firsthand the emotional and personal growth one develops when they give to others. It was these experiences that drove her to provide the same to those wanting to give back and see life through the eyes of another culture.

When first traveling to Bali, she realised that many of Bali’s poorest would never be able to escape poverty because of their inability to go to school. Her new mission became to change the destiny of those less fortunate, while at the same time aligning her idea with important Balinese morals, values and traditions. Kimberley searches for volunteers that share her same values of sparking inspiration and using education to ultimately empower the children of Bali.

Kimberley’s close involvement with local villages means that she sees the changing nature of local culture from the ground level. Her presence at ceremonies and local events allows her to better understand what holds Balinese people back from achieving their fullest potential, and witnesses first-hand the changing aspects of Balinese culture. She therefore caters the mission and growth of VP Bali to the specific challenges facing local communities today.

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Our Founder

Our VP Bali family

Eka Saputra

Eka Saputra


Eka just started working with us in August 2019. But he is not new to the team! He has been working for us in the past for a few years and now came back to join us again! Fun fact; he is the brother of our Program Coordinator Indra! We are so happy to have Eka in our VP Bali Family again, a great addition to the team! Eka works with us full time and is always there to support volunteers in class, he does admin work and of course he has lots of fun with the children!

I Komang Agus Indra Lesmana

I Komang Agus Indra Lesmana


Indra has been joining our free English classes for more than 5 years! Now he is now our Program Coordinator. His dream is to work at a cruise line and he wants to be fluent in English, which he actually already is! He loves working with us, to support the children and to be part of the VP Bali family! He learns a lot and likes to work with the volunteers and we can't wait to have him in the team full time after his graduation! We are super proud of him, he learns quickly and he is a great asset to the team!

Ni Kadek Wiranti

Ni Kadek Wiranti


Wiranti is a local coordinator at VP Bali since November 2019. She loves it because she get to talk even more with the volunteers and she can learn English very quickly. She also loves to learn more about different cultures. It is very nice for her to make some extra money so she can support her family. She takes on a lot of responsibilities and she has great communication skills with the volunteers. She is learning everyday and she is a great help in the classes. We all love Wiranti!

Ni Putu Chalistiary

Ni Putu Chalistiary


Chalis is a local coordinator at VP Bali since June 2019. But she is not new to the program, she has been joining since the very first beginning! She loves to sing and play games with the kids at VP Bali. She feels she is part of the VP Bali family for a long time already but now being an local co is very nice for her to learn more English and to work together with friends! She has great admin skills and she is huge help to Eka with helping with excel sheets and inventory of the school and school materials.

Ni Wayan Mitha

Ni Wayan Mitha


Mitha is one of the local coordinators at VP Bali since the beginning of this year. She is 14 years old and in the 9th grade. Her dream is to become a doctor when she is older and her favorite thing to do is swimming. She loves to be a local co here, she loves to play with the kids, to learn together with the volunteers and to work together with her friends!

Ida Bagus Putu Naratha

Ida Bagus Putu Naratha


Gustu is a local coordinator at VP Bali since the start of this year. He has been joining the English classes for a few years and now he is learning even more English. His dream is to become a tour guide and learning a lot to prepare for this by communicating with the volunteers. He has so much potential! He is a great help in class and loves to play football with the kids and volunteers!

Ketut Agus Ari Wiartana

Ketut Agus Ari Wiartana


Agus gives us his great smile everyday! He is one of our local coordinators and he just loves to work with us. His positive vibes and great teamwork is a great asset to the team. He has been joining the English classes for many years and now he is part of our family of local coordinators. Always there to support the volunteers in his class and to help his kids.

Ni Kadek Buda Nilawati

Ni Kadek Buda Nilawati


Buda is one of our local coordinators since the beginning of 2020. She and her friends have been joining the program for a few years already and now she is learning even more. By being in the class everyday supporting her kids and volunteers she learns so much English and she is making steps everyday in learning to take on more responsibilities! We are proud!

Ni Kadek Muliani

Ni Kadek Muliani


Muliani is one of the new local coordinators in the team. She started off very shy but she has been growing a lot over the past months. Her English skills are getting better every day and she just loves to be with her kids and support her volunteers in class. And did you know that Muliani has great dancing skills? We are happy to have her in the team!

  • This NGO is immersed quite deeply in the local community. Volunteering with them not only brings volunteers the experience of giving back and working with children but it also provides a deep understanding of the local culture and it makes the experience much better overall.Gonzalo, 26 - Spain

  • I can say safely that my time here were the thirty happiest days in sequence of my whole life. no one of them I wanted to be in another place, with other people or more material goods. Staffs, local people, homestay's people, the children, other volunteers... everyone is very nice, with a big heart and disposition to do the best in this program. Along the time, you start to see that the program is more than providing English classes, is also a big idea able to empower everyone that is evolving by one way.Lidia, 21 – Brazil

  • VP Bali is more than just a volunteer program. It's a full immersive experience that allows you to connect with a beautiful project located in the paradise that Bali is. And this paradise has many challenges to overcome of which education is a key factor. The infrastructure and design of the program made me feel so welcomed and supported, even though I never taught English to children before, that I will highly recommend it to everybody.Felipe, 32 – Venezuela

  • From the moment we got here, we felt like a part of a family. The program is amazing. It is VERY transparrent, so you know exactly where your money goes and so on. It is an amazing non-profit organisation and the children are the best! We had so much fun teaching and playing with them, and I even learned some Bahasa in return (also we got so much love it was unreal)! I would definitely do this again if I get the chance. It has been one of the best times of my life.Sofie, 20 – Denmark